MVHS Yearbook Archive

In the summer of 2022 - inspired by the district's "Celebrating 100 Years of Mountain View High School" and "Throwback Thursday" Facebook campaigns - we embarked on a journey to digitize the district's collection of Mountain View High School yearbooks for alumni and their families to enjoy.

Sadly, quite a few years are missing from the district's collection. We were pleased to learn that many of our missing books can be found in the collection held by the Mountain View Branch of the Uinta County Library, donated to the library by Selma Carpenter. Many are not what we think of nowadays as a yearbook, but instead a combination school newspaper/annual or senior class issue. The library staff graciously allowed us to scan many of the missing years to help complete the district's collection.

Keep in mind, this is a work in progress. You'll find the yearbooks below in PDF format, unless we have learned reproduction of the books and/or any of the photographs therein are specfically prohibited by copyright. The files are simply for archival purposes, and viewing enjoyment. Scans are not high resolution, most are not in color, and text has not been indexed for searching. Photo editing software may have been used to straighten pages and/or remove cosmetic imperfections such as tears, light glare or hole punches. Books held in the collection of the public library have been indicated as such in the PDF; all others are in the possession of the Mountain View High School media center.

Do you (or your family member) have a copy of a yearbook we're still missing, know where we might find one, or do you know that one was not published for any of the years listed below?
We're looking for the following years:
1925 - 1928 - 1929 - 1930 - 1931 - 1932 - 1933

We'd love to hear from you!