Certified Applicants

To apply for a teaching position with Uinta 4, you should...

Submit teaching application packet which will include:
Wyoming Statewide Certified Application
• Résumé
• Letter of interest
• Letters of recommendation (3)
• Copy of official college transcripts

Wyoming Professional Teaching Standards Board (PTSB)

All teachers and administrators employed in a Wyoming school district must be licensed in accordance with Wyoming state law. PTSB upholds the highest standards for teacher licensing and requires all educators to have completed an approved teacher preparation program in order to become licensed to teach in a Wyoming school district.

1920 Thomes Avenue, Suite 400, Cheyenne, WY 82002
Phone (307) 777-7291 | Fax (307) 777-8718

See statewide job openings online at:
Wyoming School Boards Association
University of Wyoming Career Services